Heather Scott-Marshall


“I joined CRWDP with the intention of making a meaningful contribution to knowledge on the effects of work disability across the life course. It is my hope that this knowledge will be used to develop programs and practices that can help individuals with disabilities achieve a desired level of labour-market engagement and social well being through work at every stage of life.”


Dr Heather Scott-Marshall is president of Mission Research, a market-research and media-analysis firm providing services to a broad range of clients across multiple sectors. Dr Scott-Marshall holds a PhD in Medical Sociology and has expertise in advanced quantitative and qualitative methods. She has over 15 years of professional research experience and has provided strategic consultations to stakeholders in government and the private sector with specialities in workplace safety, consumer products, telecommunications, finance, e-commerce and media. Dr Scott-Marshall is currently status-faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. She has published widely on topics related to the political economy of health and the social and economic consequences of work disability. 

Relevant Publications

Smith P, Bielecky A, Ibrahim S, Mustard C, Scott-Marshall H, Saunders R and Beaton D (2014). How much do pre-existing chronic conditions contribute to age differences in health care expenditures following a work-related musculoskeletal injury? Medical Care, 52(1), 71-77.

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Funded Grants

Steenstra IA, Lowe G, McIntosh G, Saunders R, Chappel J, Geary J, White M, Beaton DE, Gignac M, Gross D, Irvin E, Loisel P, Pransky G, Puts M, Scott-Marshall H, Tompa E, Van Eerd D, Wilkie R. (September 2013). A Review of the Role of Aging in Return To Work and Stay At Work). CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant competition. $89,622 for one-year (funded).

McLeod CB, Amick III BC, Richardson L, Scott-Marshall H (January 2013). The Health and Wellbeing Consequences of the Great Recession: A Comparative and Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis. Hampton Research Fund, University of British Columbia. $36,200 over two years (funded).

Tompa E, Scott-Marshall HK, Ballantyne P, Mustard C, Saunders R, Hogg-Johnson S (February 2011). Work Injury and Poverty: Investigating Prevalence Across Programs and Over Time. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Research Advisory Council, requested $88,160 over 2 years (funded).

Tompa E, Hogg-Johnson S, Amick III BC, Scott-Marshall H (February 2009). Work Disability Trajectories and Claim Duration in Ontario Under Three Workers’ Compensation Legislations. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Research Advisory Council, requested $141,088 over 2 years (funded).

Smith PM, Beaton DE, Hogg-Johnson S, Ibrahim S, Koehoorn M, McLeod CB, Mustard CA, Saunders R, Scott-Marshall H, Tolusso D (February 2009). Examining Determinants and Consequences of Work Injuries Among Older Workers. WorkSafeBC Research at Work, requesting $225,000 over 2 years (funded).

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