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Call for Nominations on Education Deadline: 14th June 2019

Once again, the Zero Project team would like to invite leading experts and organizations to nominate Innovative Practices and Policies concerning this year’s topic: Education. #ZeroCall20

We are looking for practices and public policies that support persons with disabilities in the formal school systems and universities, through vocational certification, pre-school, early childhood diagnosis and intervention, and non-formal education such as through sport, arts and museums. We are looking for innovations also in a broader context of innovation, for example at accessibility in curricula for key professionals such as architects or web designers, along with policies towards inclusive education.

The “Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies 2020” will be selected by the Zero Project network of experts in a multistep process, and will be:

-        Featured in the Zero Project Report 2020 and added to the Zero Project database on Innovative Practices and Policies
-        Their representatives will be invited to speak at the Zero Project Conference at the United Nations in Vienna (Austria) in February 2020
-        Will get numerous more opportunities like joining the accelerating program “Zero Project Impact Transfer” and taking part in our exciting new Latin America project with Fundación Descúbreme

Submit a nomination by using the online nomination platform or watch out introductory video. If the form does not work for you, please contact us for an accessible Word version.

We also strongly encourage you to forward this Call for Nominations to any organization that might be interested, or publish it on your websites, blogs or listservers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The deadline for submission is  14th June, 2019.
We are looking forward to receiving your nomination!
The Zero Project Team

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