Doreen Dawe


Key Appointments

  • Professor at Memorial University
  • BN Post RN Coordinator


Research Activities


2007 – Present Psychosocial Needs of Women who have Surgery for Breast Cancer as an Outpatient. Principal Investigator- Doreen Dawe, Co-Investigators – Anne Kearney, Doreen Westera and Lorna Bennett.

2001 Project Teen Newfoundland and Labrador 2001: A Survey of Teens Attitudes, Values, Beliefs and Behaviors. Principal Investigator – Doreen Westera, Co-Investigators – Lorna Bennett and Doreen Dawe.

2000 The Volunteer Experience of Breast Cancer Survivors. Principal Investigator – Doreen Dawe, Co-investigators – Dr. Alice Gaudine and Dr. Maureen Laryea.

1999 Decreasing Employee Absenteeism Through Group Goal Setting. Principal Investigator – Dr. Alice Gaudine, Co-Investigators - Doreen Dawe and Dr. Alan Saks.
1998 Decreasing Employee Absenteeism through Feedback, Goal-Setting and Relapse Prevention. Principals investigator – Dr. Alice Gaudine, Co- Investigators Doreen Dawe and Dr. Alan Saks.

1996 Women’s Perceptions of Children’s Needs While in Shelters for Women. Co-Investigator with L. Bennett (Principal Investigator) and J. Power.


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