"Mental Health and Stigma - How Best to Protect Workers From Discrimination", 34 Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 1

Official Abstract: "The focus of this article is mental health and workplace disability discrimination in the UK. The article will look at a number of ways that disability discrimination in the UK could be developed to the advantage of people with mental health problems, through an examination of the legislation and through case analysis.The issues that are raised by disability discrimination on the ground of mental health are pertinent to all legal systems that have enacted laws to try and protect people suffering from disability discrimination. Some comparisons are made with Canadian law, s in Canada there appears to be a more open- textured "human rights" approach to disability discrimination. In addition to making suggestions for further developments in UK law, this article suggests that the Canadian approach is the "better" way, as it concerns itself more with a human rights perspective and a social model of disability rather than a medical model." 






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