Aleck Ostry


Aleck Ostry

Key Appointments

  • Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria
  • Canada Research Chair
  •  Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar
  • Past Director of research at the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare
  • Consulted with the Royal Commission on the Workers’ Compensation Board in BC advising them on issues of stress and health


  • PhD in Epidemiology (UBC)
  • MSc in Health Service Planning
  • MA in history (specializing in the history of public health)

Areas of expertise

He conducts an extensive program on the social determinants of health with a focus on rural health, food security, and nutrition policy.

I have a long-standing research interest in the workplace determinants of health and have conducted research on this topic in various workforces in Canada and internationally.

Research Activities

Aleck conducted research on community health. I was a national board member on the “Coasts Under Stress” project funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and I currently direct a Canadian Institutes for Health Research project on rural and northern health in BC (NETHRN-BC). Finally, I have recently developed a program of research on public health nutrition and food security. Last, but not least, I continue to conduct research and write on the history of public health and healthcare policy in Canada. 

For contact and additional information, please visit: Aleck Ostry