Dustin Galer

Collaborator; Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dustin Galer is a course director in Canadian History at the University of Toronto. He received his doctorate in History from the University of Toronto. His recent publications include “Disabled Capitalists: Exploring Intersections of Disability and Identity Formation in the World of Work,” Disability Studies Quarterly (2012) and “A Friend in Need or a Business Indeed?: Disabled Bodies and Fraternalism in Victorian Ontario,” (2010), and “Building an Accessible House of Labour: Work, Disability Rights and the Role of Unionized Labour,” Untold Stories: Disability History in Canada (in press), and a book titled Working Toward Equity: Disability Rights Activism and Employment in Late Twentieth Century Canada. His current research interests include the Canadian origins of the social model of disability, historical perspectives of brain injury, and disability, poverty and homelessness.