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NEW: The Science and Politics of Work Disability Prevention book edited by Ellen MacEachen

The rising cost of illness and disability benefits are one of today’s biggest social and labour market challenges. The promise of activation-oriented work disability policies was labour market engagement for all people, regardless of illness, injury or impairment. However, the reality has been more complex.

The Science and Politics of Work Disability Prevention addresses social and political economic contexts driving state work disability reform in 13 countries. In this first attempt to explain the history and future of work disability policy, this book asks new questions about work disability policy design, focus, and effects. It details how work disability policies have evolved with jurisdictions, why these take their current shape, and where they are heading. The well positioned authors draw on their insider knowledge and expertise in law, medicine, and social science to provide detailed case studies of their jurisdictions.

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Handbook of Work Disability

Loisel P, Anema J (eds.). Handbook of Work Disability. Springer, 2014. Book chapters include (but are not limited to):

  • Coutu M-F. et al. The work-disabled patient (pp. 15-29)
  • Tompa E. Measuring the burden of work disability: a review of methods, measurement issues and evidence (pp. 43-58)
  • Loisel, P. et al. The work disability paradigm and its public health implications (pp. 59-67)
  • MacEachen, E. Understanding work disability systems and intervening upstream (pp. 217-228)
  • Durand, M-J. et al. Tools for assessing work disability (pp. 229-251)