Informing the Roadmap for Work Disability Policy in Canada

National Policy Round Table

CRWDP held its inaugural national policy round table on November 19, 2015. The roundtable provided background information on the mission, structure and high-level work plan of the Centre; an overview of the array of work disability programs; a summary of past efforts in Canada to coordinate disability programs; and most importantly, an opportunity for dialogue among senior policy officials on barriers to coordination, current efforts at reform and research/information gaps. Following are videos, PowerPoint decks and related materials from the round table.

CRWDP’s mission, structure and key activities

Presentation by Ellen MacEachen and Emile Tompa, CRWDP Co-directors


Overview of the array of work disability programs in Canada

Presentation by John Stapleton
Principal, Open Policy Ontario
Innovations Fellow, Metcalf Foundation 

^ N.B. This data is being provided free of charge. Users of the data are asked to cite the source as John Stapleton, Anne Tweddle, Metcalf Foundation and the Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy.


Summary of past efforts in Canada to improve coordination and navigability of disability programs to facilitate participation in the labour force

Presentation by Emile Tompa    

Presentation slides; video                   

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