CRWDP Webinar Series 

1. Dustin Galer. Working towards equity: disability rights activism and employment in late-twentieth-century Canada. May 28, 2018. Video recording of webinar by Dustin Galer.

2. Cameron Crawford. Decent work and people with disabilities: An integral approach to assessing the quality of work. July 4, 2018. Video recording. PFD copy of Cameron's presentation slides.

3. Margaret Oldfield. Strategies for employers to retain employees with fibromyalgia, a contested chronic illness. August 8, 2018. Video recording of webinar by Margaret Oldfield. PDF copy of Margaret's presentation slides.

4. Christina Hackett. Factors influencing the mental wellness of community health workers in Nain, Nunatsiavut. September 18, 2018. Video recording of webinar by Christina Hackett; PDF copy of Christina's presentation slides.

5. Alexis Buettgen. From the standpoint of people with disabilities: An institutional analysis of work in the non-profit secto. October 4, 2018. Video recording of webinar by Alexis Buettgen. PDF copy of Alexis's presentation slides.

6. Julia Goyal. Home, work and health in the Airbnb system. November 13, 2018. Video recording of webinar by Julia Goyal. PDF copy of Julia's presentation slides.

7. Dan Samosh and Linda Niksic. The career advancement of leaders with disabilities: Synthesizing and extending our understanding of facilitators. February 7, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Dan Samosh. PDF copy of Dan's presentation slides.

8. Dana Howse. Injured workers' moral engagement in the compensation system: The social production of problematic claiming experience. March 19, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Dana Howse. PDF copy of Dana's presentation slides.

9. Sabrina Hossain. Negotiating workplace accommodations for employers with mental health conditions. April 24, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Sabrina Hossain. PDF copy of Sabrina's presentation slides.

10. Aleksandra Stefanovic-Chafe. How creative partnerships can fund academic pursuits. May 22, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Aleksandra Stefanovic-Chafe. PDF copy of Aleksandra's presentation slides.

11. Pam Lahey. Leaving welfare for work: parallels to a hostage negotiation. June 24, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Pam Lahey. PDF copy of Pam's presentation slides.

12. Andrea Jones. Anxiety and depression disorders among workers with musculoskeletal injury: Investigating work disability outcomes using linked health data. December 18, 2019. Video recording of webinar by Andrea Jones. PDF copy of Andrea's presentation slides

13. Ololade Adedoyin Animashaun. Employment Experiences of Persons with Disabilities around St. John's: Their Conditions and Implications. January 30, 2020. Video recording of webinar by Ololade Adedoyin Animashaun. PDF copy of Ololade Adedoyin Animashaun's presentation slides