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We have now completed the engagement and consultations phase in the development of the pan-Canadian strategy: “Engagement and Consultation on the Pan-Canadian Strategy on Disability and Work” (January – June 2019). The main objective for this phase was to engage and consult a broad range of organizations and individuals, especially those not involved in previous engagement, to obtain their input on the current draft strategy.

We are conducted engagement and consultation through the two main vehicles:

  • An online survey
  • One-on-one and group consultation sessions to discuss the draft strategy and get feedback on it (March – June 2019). See past consultation meetings below

Video of the presentation of the DWC draft strategy, for DWC survey and consultations.

The feedback from the DWC National Conference in 2018 and consultations has been reviewed and consolidated, and a revised draft of the strategy will be released soon to be discussed at the Disability & Work in Canada National Conference to be held in Ottawa in December 2019. Please do join us for that event.

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DWC Steering Committee Members (listed alphabetically by last name): Alec Farquhar, Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy; Maureen Haan, Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work; Kathy Hawkins, Inclusion NL: Employer Support Services; Steve Mantis, Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups; Kathy Padkapayeva, Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy; Ron Saunders, Institute for Work & Health; Emile Tompa, Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy; and Monica Winkler, Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work.