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Disability and Work in Canada (DWC) Initiative

Through the activities and continued collaboration, the momentum to develop and implement a strategy across the country is growing. Here is the list of the events and activities spearheaded by the DWC Initiative to-date:

  1. Disability and Work in Canada National Conference, 2019. The conference reviewed a revised pan-Canadian strategy to improve the level of employment of persons with disabilities and identify the most important early steps in implementation.
  2. National Policy Roundtable, 2019. Policy Roundtable Executive Summary 2019 (PDF version)Policy Roundtable Executive Summary 2019 (Word version).
  3. Disability and Work in Canada National Conference, 2018. A draft strategy on Disability and Work was distributed in the Fall of 2018, prior to the conference. The objective of the conference was to review the strategy and to foster broad consensus on its key elements.
  4. National Policy Roundtable, 2018. “Developing a Vision and Strategy for the Future.” Vision and pillars for the Pan-Canadian strategy on disability & work were discussed at the roundtable. This meeting was an opportunity to further strengthen existing partnerships and form new ones. Policy Roundtable Summary 2018 (PDF version); Policy Roundtable Summary 2018 (Word version).
  5. Disability and Work in Canada National Conference, 2017. Discussions at the conference contributed to the development of the draft strategy.
  6. National Policy Roundtable, 2015. “Informing the Roadmap for Work Disability Policy in Canada”. The roundtable provided an opportunity for dialogue among senior policy officials on issues related to disability & work and formed the partnerships that fed into the DWC initiative.

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