CRWDP Clusters

CRWDP has 4 provincial clusters:

British Columbia (BC)

Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Ontario (ON), and,

Quebec (QC)

Each cluster has Provincial Co-leads (one from the workers’ compensation field and the other from disability policy studies). Each cluster is supported by a quarter-time coordinator.

Provincial clusters ensure research activities are sensitive to legislative, industrial, demographic and cultural contexts within a jurisdiction, though not all research is jurisdiction specific. Clusters play a key role in student and new academic mentorship. Cross-cutting themes ensure that research activities within a broad area are complimentary and integrated. Clusters meet semi-annually.

CRWDP British Columbia Cluster

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CRWDP Newfoundland and Labrador Cluster

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CRWDP Ontario Cluster

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CRWDP Quebec Cluster

Bulletin #1 - CRPIP-Québec - Mars 2016: Version PDF, Version Word