Duties and Responsibilities in the Accommodation Process

"All Aboard!: The Supreme Court of Canada Confirms that Canadians with Disabilities Have Substantive Equality Rights", 71 Sask L R 39

Official Note: "This paper was prepared for the 'Chains & Links: Human Rights Activism Conference" convened by the Ariel F. Sallows Chair in Human Rights at the University of Saskatchewan. The conference was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, November 1-2, 2007."; Discussion and analysis of VIA Rail Canada Inc v Canadian Transportation Agency, 2007 SCC 15. 

"Privacy and the Accommodation Process", as Tab 6 of The Law Society of Upper Canada's Continuing Professional Development conference on June 16, 2016 titled The Duty to Accommodate in the Workplace

On the balance between right to privacy and sufficient information required for appropriate accommodation; review of recent Canadian case law discussing privacy issues involved in workplace accommodation.

"Accommodating Addictions Disabilities in the Workplace" Case Summary and Analysis

Debriefs a case were the arbitrator found if there is a nexus between the disability (addiction) and the misconduct, the disability is a factor in the termination and the employer has a duty to accommodate the employee. Discusses case where it was held that the employer had a duty to inquire in respect to the employees change in behaviour.

"Accommodating Complex Disabilities: Chronic Pain Disorders and the Canadian Workplace", Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository 3864

Provides a very good discussion of the law in respect to accommodations. Provides an excellent discussion of the state of discrimination law in respect to chronic pain disorders in the workplace. Provides a very good discussion of undue hardship law.