"Random Alcohol and Drug Testing as a Complex Human Rights Issue", Law Now - Columns

Commentary on SCC case Communications, Energy and Paperworks Union of Canada Local 30 v Irving Pulp and Paper Mill, 2013 SCC 34, and compares ratio to provide an analysis on the then ongoing litigation issues in Alberta Communications, Energy and Paperworks Union Local 707 v Suncor Energy Inc, 2012 ABCA 307; union vs. non-unionized setting on pre-employment drug test and the line of addiction as deciding factor.

"The Duty to Accommodate: Does the Origin of the Disability Matter?" Ontario Bar Association - Sections - Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law

SCC held the Quebec's rehabilitation act was subject to the Quebec Charter and therefore reasonable accommodation beyond that set out in the Rehabilitation Act is required by employers for persons with disabilities. 

"The HRTO and the Duty to Accommodate: How Far Does an Employer Have to Go?", Hicks Morley - Insights - Case In Point

Discussion of Pourasadi v Bentley Leathers decision of the HRTO, in which employer's duty to accommodate did not extend to permanently altering the essential duties of the position, or to assigning the essential duties to other employees; physical restrictions in the workplace. 

"Discriminating Employer Pays a Decade Later: Reinstated, Decade of Back Wages Ordered", Law of Work - Archives, Regulation of Employment (Human Rights, Employment Standards)

Summary of Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision in Fair v Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, 2012. Author notes the remedial order may seem surprising, but the large award for the employee is guided by the long period of time (almost 9 years) taken to litigate.