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Call for Proposals: Disability and Work in Canada 2023 Conference

Call for Proposals 

Disability and Work in Canada 2023 Conference 

Livelihoods and influencing the future of work for people with disabilities: A focus on rights, and quality of life. 


L’appel de propositions et le formulaire de demande sont disponibles en français et en anglais et les demandes sont acceptées dans les deux langues. Les présentations peuvent être faites en français ou en anglais, mais la conférence se déroulera principalement en anglais.  

The call for proposals and the application form are available in both French and English and applications are accepted in both languages. Presentations can be in either French or English, though the Conference will be primarily in English. 


The Disability and Work in Canada 2023 (DWC 2023) Conference will be held in- person in Ottawa this year over two days in November (November 29th – 30th) from 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. EDT. The theme for this year’s conference is “Livelihoods and influencing the future of work for people with disabilities: A focus on rights, and quality of life.”  This theme was chosen because of the widespread support for moving beyond initial employment of persons with disabilities and ensuring true full inclusion and support for career advancement and a good quality of life. 


We are seeking proposals from the disability community, businesses, unions, policymakers, service providers, academics, and other interested parties for panel sessions. Panel sessions are approximately 1 hour in length with time reserved for reserved for discussion and questions at the end and consist of a moderator and several speakers. The session should be on a current topic related to the conference theme noted above, with speakers providing multiple perspectives and insights on the topic. A few examples of topics include intersectionality, green economy, technology, career advancement, and work life balance. All presentations should include information on the measurement of outcomes.  


For proposals that are about initiatives or projects, please describe the following in your submission: 

  1. How does the initiative or project relate to the vision of the Pan-Canadian Strategy for Disability and Work?
  2. How was the initiative or project partnership developed? 
  3. What were the key challenges and success strategies for partnership development?  
  4. How was the initiative or project evaluated in terms of progress in achieving objectives and outcomes for persons with disabilities? 


DWC Strategy 

The DWC Strategy is available at the following links: and 


Key Dates 

The call is open till June 30th, 2023.  

Applicants will be notified by August 15th, 2023




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Title of session: 

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Describe the session in 300 words or less: 


PDF of Application in English

PDF of Application in French


Submission of Application 

Please submit your application to the DWC Steering Committee by June 30th, 2023, at Prior to submitting your proposal, please ensure that each named panelist in your submission has approved the inclusion of their name in the proposal.  Please note not all submissions will be accepted as live presentations and you may be offered an opportunity to present the session in another format.