Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups

We are a group of workers (and family members) who have been injured or made sick on the job.  We have firsthand experience of the WCB/WSIB system and know it needs improvement!

What we are fighting for! To improve and preserve the public Workers’ Compensation system for all workers with a return to the founding principles established in 1913.

Current Campaigns

  • Bring in full cost of living protection for all injured workers’ benefits.
  • Eliminate the deeming system.
  • Coverage for all workers and employers.

Our vision on Workers Compensation in Ontario

Dignity, Respect and Justice must be the foundation for a renewed Workers Compensation System.

We want a new Workers Compensation Act, with stated purposes to truly assist and compensate workers injured, made sick and disabled at work.

We want an Act that has a clear focus to assist workers with a permanent disability. 

  • Injured Workers deserve a pension for life for a disability for life;
  • Injured Workers deserve a full cost of living protection;
  • Injured Workers need real jobs and job security or full compensation;
  • Injured Workers deserve full entitlement to CPP Disability and workplace employment benefits;

Why we are involved.

“This national initiative will bring together normally separate communities—the workers’ compensation community and the disability/social welfare communities—to address a common issue: how the work disability policy system in Canada can better meet the needs of the variety of working-age individuals who turn to it for support.

Our current separate systems for workers’ compensation and other social supports were developed for an environment which has changed dramatically since their inception. With the changing population (more older workers, chronic health conditions) and changing workforce (more contingent work, multiple job holding) it is now difficult to operate in our present administrative silos.”

Contact Information

Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups
310-500 Green Road
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