Work Disability Policy Scoping Review Database

There is an abundance of research published over the past 15 years on work disability programs and policies. The CRWDP scoping review team conducted a systematic literature search across 4 different scientific databases (Medline, Embase, Web of Science, Pubmed) that resulted in over 9000 articles.  By reviewing the title and abstract of each article, we identified over 700 articles that focused on government-led or mandated programs related to work integration, including helping people with disabilities to enter the labor market, return to work, stay at work or receive income support.

Scoping Review Database

Our scoping review identified 724 international peer reviewed articles published between January 2000 and October 2014. See below, for inclusion and exclusion criteria applied to the search.

  Inclusion Exclusion
Publication Year 2000 or later 1999 and earlier
Publication Type
  • Journal articles that are peer reviewed
  • Articles in press or accepted for publication
  • Non peer reviewed publications
    • Magazine articles
    • Book chapters
    • Conference proceedings
    • Dissertations
Publication Language
  • English language
  • Non-English language
Type of Evidence
  • Empirical data
  • Original document analysis including case law and policy review
  • opinion/editorial pieces, commentaries
  • Theoretical papers, narrative reviews
  • Articles that are less than or equal to 2 pages
Study Design
  • Qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods
Work disability policy
  • State policy or legislation on work reintegration and/or income support after injury or illness
  • Government-led programs, can be delivered by private providers
  • Policy created by workplaces for internal rules
  • Private insurance programs


These articles have been sorted by eight main program types to help you find the articles relevant to your interests.

Please note that the articles were sorted by a review of title and abstract. As the full text of each article was not reviewed, it is possible that some articles may link to more categories than identified below.

The links below connect you to the article reference. To access the full text of articles, click on the ‘FIND IN A LIBRARY’ WorldCat link, located within each reference. 

Ref ID Reference image

1. Social Assistance

This category includes 51 articles focused on welfare, welfare-to-work, and social insurance programs. 
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2. Workers Compensation
This category includes 165 articles focused on work-related illness or injury programs, including work accommodation and return-to-work.
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3. Vocational Rehabilitation
This category includes 147 articles focused on sheltered employment and recovery and re-employment including Work Choice (UK), and the Rework Program (Japan).
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4. Sickness Insurance Program
This category includes 37 articles focused on programs focused on sickness certification, fit notes and sickness benefits.
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5. Disability Pension
This category includes 77 articles focused on disability and incapacity benefits programs, and disability insurance programs, including long term sickness benefits.
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6. Individual Placement Support/Supported Employment
This category includes 88 articles focused on programs of supported employment, job placement, person centered planning.
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7. Policies and Legislation
This category includes 178 articles focused on policy, legislation, and legal rights including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability Services Act (Australia), Invalids Law (Israel), Law 68 (Italy), and others.
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8. Other
This category includes 17 articles focused on programs that did not fall into one of the seven categories listed above, such as the Agrability program (USA), Impaired Professionals Monitoring Program, Project SEARCH USA, and Pathway-to-Work Project (Finland).
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