Employers' Capacity Policy Pod Meeting (Ontario)

26 April 2017

The second meeting of the Employers' Capacity Pod.


CRWDP Ontario Cluster: Employer Capacity Policy Pod

Research Lead Marcia Rioux (mrioux@yorku.ca) and Student Lead Douglas Waxman (douglaswaxman@gmail.com) and Samadhi Mora Severino (vsamadhi@my.yorku.ca)

As the next step in the CRWDP policy development process, an Employer Capacity Policy Pod is being convened to develop action oriented policy strategies. The intention of this Employment Policy Pod research is to explore the barriers to employment that arise out of demand side issues, with the intention of deriving positive policy initiatives that can be actualized by employers government, and unions. We will take our ideas and create an actionable policy and take action to seek its implementation.