CRWDP Special Seed Grant Request for Proposals 2018:
Development of Evidence-Based Tools

Three Seed Grant Projects have been award from our 2018 Special Seed Grant call:

• Jetha A (PI), Van Eerd D, Gignac MAM (Co-Investigators), with partners Proulx L (Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance) and Wilson J (Cassie & Friends Society for Juvenile Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Disease). Accommodation roadmap for young adults living with chronic episodic and invisible health conditions. Host institution: Institute for Work & Health. The tool from this project is available, Working with a Rheumatic Disease: An Interactive Tool for Youth and Young AdultsStudy report is available on CRWDP Reports page.

• Laberge M (PI), Jetha A, Breslin C, Moll S (Co-Investigators), with partners Boucher A (CSPI) and St-Pierre F (CSPI). Outils et méthode pour planifier l’attribution de Technologies de l’Information et des Communications (TIC) en soutien à l’insertion professionnelle des adolescents présentant des troubles d’apprentissage. Host institutions: Université de Montréal – CHU Sainte -Justine, and Institute for Work & Heath. Two reports from this grant are available on CRWDP Reports page.

• Rioux M (PI), Waxman D. Canadian Work Disability Accommodation Law Resources Digital Portal. Host institution: York University. The tool from this project is available, Canadian Work Disability Accommodation Law Resources Digital Portal

In addition, one special seed grant was awarded:

• Small SP, de Boer C, Swab M. Perceived Barriers to and Facilitators of Labor Market Engagement for Individuals with Chronic Physical Illness in Their Experience with Disability Policy: A systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence. The final report will be provided once the systematic review has been published.



CRWDP Seed Grant
Competition results from Special Call 2016

In 2016, CRWDP held a special call seed grant competition. The competition was open to all CRWDP participants and partners. We funded 4 applications for a total funding envelope of approximately $40,000. Following are highlights of funded proposals.

  • Bornstein, S. (PI), Hawkins, K., Neis, B., Ricciardelli, R., Christy, E., and Tobin, S. With partner New Brunswick Premier’s Council on the Status of Disabled Persons. "Mapping eligibility criteria of work disability programs and identifying “red flags” for employment of selected disability populations in Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick"
  • Boucher, N. (PI), Laberge, M., and Arentsen, M.F., en partenariat avec l’Alliance québécoise des regroupements d’association de personnes handicapées (AQRIPH). "Travail, politiques et handicap. Analyse comparative des politiques en soutien à la transition et à l'intégration au travail des personnes ayant des incapacités au Québec et au Manitoba"
  • Calvert., J. (PI), and Koehoorn, M. "Mapping Work Disability Benefits in British Columbia and Alberta". 
  • Gewurtz, R. (PI), Crawford, C., Lahey, P., Premji, S., Porch, W., King, A., Hearns Petican, J-A., McKinnon, J., and Waxman, D. "Mapping Work Disability Policy in Ontario and Nova Scotia: Documenting the work and benefit trajectories of those living with work-limiting disabilities"

CRWDP Seed Grant
Competition results from the second round (2015-2016)

In 2015, CRWDP held its second seed grant competition. The competition was open to all CRWDP participants and partners. We funded 6 applications for a total funding envelope of approximately $60,000. Following are highlights of funded proposals.
  • Jetha, A. (PI), Breslin, C., Furrie, A., an Smith, F. With partner National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS). “Work integration needs analysis of the school‐to-work transition for young adults with disabilities in Ontario”.
  • Koehoorn, M. (PI), Patterson, J., Hansen, N., Rockhill, D., and Finkelstein, R. With injured worker partners and the BC Federation of Labour. “Investigating vocational rehabilitation outcomes among permanently injured workers”.
  • Morris, J. (PI), Koehoorn, M., Gutray, B., and Dyson, J. With partners Disability Without Poverty Network, Canadian Mental Health Association in BC, BC Disability Alliance. “Helping Make Ends Meet? – Developing research capacity to better understand the effects of British Columbia’s Annualized Earnings Exemption in relation to people living with mental illness and/or Addictions who are working and receiving disability assistance”.
  • Provencher, Y. (PI), Coutu, M-F., and Laberge, M. With partners Le regroupement des assistés sociaux et assistées sociales du Témiscouata (RASST) and Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail du gouvernement du Québec (CSST). “Dispositifs d’insertion en emploi pour des adultes avec des incapacités: enjeux et perspectives au sein de deux régimes publics d’invalidité”.
  • Ricciardelli, R. (PI), Hall, A., de Boer, C., Sitter, K., and Small, S. With partners the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities Newfoundland and Labrador (COD-NL), and Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS). “When your work makes you sick: Exploring disability policies for workers within government funded protective services”.
  • Steenstra, I., Cullen, K.(Co-PIs), Irvin, E., Scott-Marshall, H., and Van Eerd, D. With partners The Graham Lowe Group, CBI Health, Pacific Coast University, Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. “A review of policy changes to promote work participation in older workers”.

CRWDP Seed Grant
Competition Results 2014-2015

In July 2014, CRWDP held the first of our three planned requests for proposals for seed grant funding of up to $10,000. The competition was open to all CRWDP participants and partners.  We received 15 applications for a 2014 funding envelope of approximately $70,000.  

Proposals were reviewed by a multidisciplinary review committee, which included CRWDP participants and partners from each of our four geographic clusters: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Evaluation criteria were: relevance to CRWDP mandate, innovation, study design, project team, student employment and development, potential for stimulating future funding through a grant, partner role in the study, and budget.

We are pleased to announce the following 7 seed grant award recipients:

  • Bornstein, S. (PI) and Neis, B. With partner Coalition of Persons with Disabilities Newfoundland and Labrador. “Disability Support Services in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada:  Impacts on Labour Market Participation for individuals with Disabilities”.

Click here to access the full report (pdf); click here to access the word version of the report

  • Gewurtz, R. & Premji, S. (Co-PIs) and Holness, L. With partners Injured Workers Consultants, IAVGO Community Legal Clinic, and Bramalea Community Health Centre. “Exploring the experiences of injured workers who fail to return to work”.

Click here to access the full report

  • Hanes, R. & Ryan, M. (Co-PIs), Furrie, A., Lero, D., and D’Aubin, A. With partner Council of Canadians with Disabilities. “Willing but Unable: A Population in Waiting”.

Click here to access the full report (pdf); click here to access the word version of the report

  • Hilgert, J. With partner Canadian Injured Workers Alliance. “The Human Rights of Injured Workers: Social Protection Floors and the Canadian Work Disability System”.

Click here to access the full report (pdf); click here to access word version of the report

  • Laberge, M. (PI) and Breslin, C. With partners le Service national du RÉCIT en adaptation scolaire, l’école Joseph-Charbonneau du Centre de réadaptation Marie-Enfant, plusieurs commissions scolaires, la Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapées du Québec, la Centrale des syndicats du Québec. “L’utilisation des TIC pour soutenir l’accès à l’emploi des adolescents handicapés ou en difficultés d’apprentissage ou d’adaptation (HDAA)”.

Click here to access the full report (pdf, French); click here to access word version of the report (French)

  • Stapleton, J. & Haan, M. (Co-PIs), and Furrie, A., Porch, W., Brayton, B., and Crawford, C. With partners Open Policy Ontario, Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation, DisAbled Women’s Network Canada, Adele Furrie Consulting Inc. “People with episodic disabilities: Who are they and what supports do they need to obtain and retain employment?

Click here to access the full report (pdf); click here to access word version of the report

  • Provencher, Y. (PI). With partner le Ministère de l’emploi et de la solidarité sociale. “La mesure de l’incapacité: un état des lieux”.

2015 Call for Seed Grant Proposals

Grant proposals must be submitted by e-mail to Christina Kalcevich at by 5:00p.m. EDT on July 10th, 2015.

For this 2015 call, we seek research proposals tailored to the following topics:

  1. Coordination of income support and work integration programs
  2. Adequacy of income support and work integration programs for today’s work and health environment

Priority will be given to two kinds of proposals:

  1. Projects focused on the development of a grant application geared to a particular granting agency;
  2. Projects that result in a publishable policy analysis paper.

Please download the seed grant documents here:

  1. Seed Grant Request for Proposal (english) / Demande de propositions (francais)
  2. Seed Grant Application Form (english) / Formulaire de demande (francais)
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (english)Questions et réponses (francais)

For more information, please contact CRWDP National Manager, Christina Kalcevich, at or CRWDP Co-Director and Seed Grant Chair, Ellen MacEachen, at

Last updated: May 26, 2015

Call for
Seed Grant Proposals

Seed Grant Applications Now Available

Deadline: Tuesday July 15 2014 by Midnight Eastern Standard Time


CRWDP Seed Grants are intended to spark research and training on work disability policy. By work disability policy, we mean policy related to any federal or provincial or territorial program in Canadian that shapes income security and labour-market engagement for work-disabled individuals. We include employers in the disability policy system as they play an important role in shaping opportunities for work-disabled individuals and have specific obligations under some programs and legislations. CRWDP’s mandate is to identify how people, when disabled, can be better retained and integrated into the Canadian labour market.

Application Package:

Please download the following documents to your computer:

  1. Seed Grant Application Procedures [Minor clarifications made July 11 2014 5PM EST]
  2. Seed Grant Application Form
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process:

Please send your completed application, along with all other required materials outlined in the application form to the National Manager: Christina Kalcevich,

Any questions or inquiries during the application period can be directed to National Manager: Christina Kalcevich,


Last updated: July 11 2014