Canadian Work Disability Accommodation Law Resources
Digital Portal

This digital portal is a centralized resource of disability employment human rights literature for researchers, community members, and practitioners. This is a free, user-friendly online tool aiming to increase awareness of existing resources through citations, annotations and access to available literature where available and as copyright permits. It is intended to be an access point for information, from 2008 on, pertinent to disability, employment and human rights. The Canadian Work Disability Accommodation Law Resources Digital Portal consists of two main indexes of resources described below.

Mapping the literature by Key Canadian Human Rights disability employment related themes

Literature is organized under four broad themes related to human rights and disability employment. You will also find a list of seminal cases related to themes and sub-themes.

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Database of Resources (Click here)

The Database of Resources is a searchable database of the literature. Articles are listed alphabetically by author. The data base also provides for each article: the article's title, year of publication, the format in which the article is available, the type of literature source (academic or grey literature), notes on how to access the document and whether it is an open source. Each article listing also provides the Canadian human rights key themes and sub themes, discussed in the article and other relevant tags applicable to the article. The data base is searchable by main theme, sub-theme or relevant tags. 


This database of materials is not intended to be legal advice. There are limitations of accessibility to this index (some articles are in PDF format).