CRWDP Clusters

CRWDP has 4 provincial clusters:

British Columbia (BC)

Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Ontario (ON)

Quebec (QC)

Each cluster has Provincial Co-leads (one from the workers’ compensation field and the other from disability policy studies). Each cluster is supported by a quarter-time coordinator.

Provincial clusters ensure research activities are sensitive to legislative, industrial, demographic and cultural contexts within a jurisdiction, though not all research is jurisdiction specific. Clusters play a key role in student and new academic mentorship. Cross-cutting themes ensure that research activities within a broad area are complimentary and integrated. Clusters meet semi-annually.

Updated September 10, 2020.

CRWDP British Columbia Cluster

Cluster Co-leads: John Calvert, Mieke Koehoorn

Cluster Coordinator: Andrea Jones

The CRWDP British Columbia (BC) cluster organizes CRWDP activities and events in the province of British Columbia. The cluster also focuses on student engagement and connecting with the local work disability community. Recent events include large events such as a symposium on work disability policy in BC, the BC Cluster Consultation meeting for the Disability and Work in Canada (DWC) initiative, and mapping activities to better understand the delivery of work disability benefits and the experiences of individuals with work disability in varying policy contexts.

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CRWDP Newfoundland and Labrador Cluster

Cluster Co-leads: Stephen Bornstein, Barbara Neis

Cluster Coordinator: Amanda Butt 

The CRWDP Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) cluster organizes CRWDP activities and events in Newfoundland and Labrador. Key activities include local Inclusion Roundtables, the Disability Inclusion Group (DIG-MUN), knowledge mobilization activities, and supporting student and trainee research at Memorial University. 

The NL cluster is also affiliated with the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research, a community alliance for multidisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and education in occupational health and safety (OHS), based at Memorial University. SafetyNet supports the Cluster by facilitating engagement of the knowledge and experience of academics, students, individuals with disabilities, and other partners in all activities of the CRWDP initiative. SafetyNet strives to further engage communities in a broad and open dialogue about the research program, findings, and challenges and seeks to engage policy-makers in all aspects of the research process.

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CRWDP Ontario Cluster

Cluster Co-leads: Marcia Rioux, Rebecca Gewurtz

Cluster Coordinator (Interim): Tammy Bernasky

The CRWDP Ontario (ON) cluster organizes CRWDP activities and events in the province of Ontario. Recent events include the ON Cluster Consultation meeting for the DWC initiative, and the 2019 ON Cluster meeting. There are also three Ontario cluster policy pods that are designed to move research into action-based policy initiatives.

  1. Building and Transforming Employer’s Capacity
  2. Income Replacement, and,
  3. System for monitoring the employment rights of people with disabilities

Each pod focuses on policy issues that have potential for immediate change, and plan to implement strategies in order to effectively create change. 

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Summary Report from the Ontario Cluster of the Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy was completed in September 2020. The purpose of the report is to highlight key issues that came out of the consultations and work done by the Ontario Cluster and its Policy Pods. This report provides useful information learned by the Ontario Cluster that might inform initiatives across Canada. It is certainly in all of our interests to improve the current support systems so many of us rely upon. Access the full report (Accessible PDF format)

CRWDP Quebec Cluster

Cluster Co-leads: Normand Boucher, Marie-José Durand

Cluster Coordinator: Marie-Ève Schmouth

The CRWDP Quebec (QC) cluster organizes CRWDP activities and events related to work disability policy in the province of Quebec. Recently, the QC Cluster hosted a Consultation meeting regarding the DWC Initiative. Upcoming events include a panel on minimum income and implications for work for persons with disabilities, and a knowledge mobilization event.

Bulletin #1 - CRPIP-Québec - Mars 2016: Version PDF, Version Word

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