John Calvert

Co-Investigator; British Columbia Co-Lead; New Researcher Capacity Building Committee Member

Key Appointments

  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Policy analyst in the Trade Policy Division Ministries of Labour, Employment & Investment, the Crown Corporations Secretariat and the Cabinet Policy and Planning Secretariat
  • On the Board of SFU’s Morgan Centre for Labour Studies, the Wilderness Committee (BC’s largest membership based environmental NGO) and the Research Advisory Committee of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • On the Committee of Management of the SSHRC-funded Work in a Warming World (W3) research project and the co-chair of the BC component of an SSHRC funded research project that is assessing Canada’s disability system. 



  • PhD, London School of Economics
  • MA, University of Western Ontario
  • BA, University of Western Ontario


Areas of expertise

Dr. Calvert’s research interests focus on three policy areas. The first is Canada’s disability and return to work policies. As part of a new SSHRC grant, he is working with a team of researchers to examine the various programs, both national and provincial that address the needs of people with disabilities. One anticipated outcome will be the development of specific recommendations on ways to strengthen and better integrate the numerous elements of Canada’s fragmented disability system. Dr. Calvert’s second major area of research concerns the impact of global warming on the future of work. He is investigating how environmental change will affect the kinds of jobs people perform in the future and the skills and training they will require. His specific focus is on the impact on work in the construction industry and the extent to which ‘green’ working practices are being integrated into the training and skills development of building workers. His third area of research is energy policy. His focus is on the social, economic and environmental impact of recent changes to BC’s hydroelectric industry. Earlier in his career, Dr. Calvert worked extensively on how international trade agreements are re-shaping Canada’s social policies and he still retains an interest in the question of how NAFTA, WTO and various bilateral investment treaties impact health policy options, both in Canada and internationally.



Research Activities

Dr. Calvert’s is interested in encouraging students to examine the major public policy issues that are now shaping Canada’s health care system, as well as the broader social, economic and environmental factors that influence population health. He is currently teaching courses in three areas: the Canadian health care system; public policy and heath; and, international trade policy and health at both graduate and undergraduate levels.


Contact Information