Panel Discussion – Fighting Back Against Toxic and Unsafe Work

1 June 2017

Panel Discussion – Fighting Back Against Toxic and Unsafe Work 

Thursday June 1st, 2:00pm

OCAD Auditorium – 100 McCaul Street, room 190

Facebook event:

All workers have a right to a safe workplace. We have a right to a work environment that is free from violence, harassment, toxic exposures, and injury hazards. And when injuries or illnesses happen on the job, we have a right to workers’ compensation.

But today, those rights are being violated by a WSIB that is hostile and indifferent to the epidemics of workplace violence and debilitating – sometimes fatal – chemical exposures. Making matters worse is that we are also dealing with a government that refuses to hold the WSIB accountable, and that turns a blind eye to these struggles.

Across the province, though, workers are fighting back. We are uniting, organizing, and building power to take a stand for our rights.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring workers who are organizing in different sectors, but on similar issues. We will come together to open a discussion on how we can connect our efforts and bring together a powerful, worker-led front for safe work and full compensation.


  • Janice Martell – Founder of the McIntyre Powder Project
  • Sue James – Retired worker from the Peterborough General Electric factory
  • Heather Neiser – Healthcare worker and activist with the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU)
  • Len Elliott – OPSEU executive board member and Health & Safety inspector
  • ONIWG speaker

Food will be provided at the event.

This panel discussion will follow the Injured Workers’ Day rally & march. Please join us on the streets as we demand justice for injured workers: