CRWDP student/new researcher webinar #10: How Creative Partnerships Can Fund Academic Pursuits

22 May 2019


How Creative Partnerships Can Fund Academic Pursuits


Aleksandra Stefanovic-Chafe a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Medicine’s Division of Community Health and Humanities of Memorial University of Newfoundland, shares how a unique funding opportunity supported her PhD studies:

"Funding is one of the main challenges for many graduate students. Sometimes the lack of funding opportunities requires students to be creative in how they support their studies. One unlikely path to funding opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. Mitacs eAccelerate program helps me undertake my research while simultaneously mobilizing that knowledge through a business opportunity. In this presentation, I will share my experience of becoming a Mitacs intern and an entrepreneur, from the application process and turning your proposal into a business plan, to lessons learned through an 8-week intensive pre-incubator program designed for early stage start-ups."