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Participate in research evaluating the Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool (JDAPT)

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The Job Demands and Accommodations Planning Tool (JDAPT) is a new resource developed as part of the Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED) partnership grant at the Institute for Work & Health and the University of Toronto. The research was funded by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

The JDAPT helps a person living with a physical or mental health condition identify job demands relevant to their work and asks about any health-related difficulties or challenges with those job demands. It then provides the user with a personalized list of potential work supports and accommodation ideas.

We need your help.

We want to understand whether this tool is helpful and meets the different health needs and job experiences of people working with an episodic disability.

If you are currently:

  • Working in paid employment for 20 or more hours a week, and are
  • interested in learning about or using different types of work supports and accommodations

We invite you to participate in the evaluation study of the JDAPT tool.

What's involved:

  • Completing an online questionnaire about you, your work, and your health
  • Using the JDAPT tool and responding to some questions about the tool
  • Completing two follow-up questionnaires – one three months after using the JDAPT and another questionnaire nine months later to help us learn about your use of the tool

To thank you for your time, participants will receive a total of $100.00 in three installments. You will receive a $30 honorarium after completing the first questionnaire and the JDAPT tool. You will receive $35 for each of the two follow-up questionnaires.

Please click here to learn more or join the study:

If you have questions about the study, please contact the ACED Study team at the Institute for Work & Health.

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