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Job Posting – CRWDP BC Cluster Provincial Coordinator

FTE: 0.25
Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Posting Closes: March 31st, 2019, or until position is filled
Salary: $600 bi weekly
Please send resume and cover letter to the attention of the BC Cluster Co-Directors Drs. John Calvert ( and Mieke Koehoorn (
The Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP) is a multicentre, transdisciplinary initiative focused on work disability policy research in Canada. The British Columbia (BC) Cluster within the CRWDP is one of four regional centres that brings together researchers, trainees, policy-makers and community partners for knowledge creation and translation activities.
Position: Provincial Coordinator
Located at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, the Coordinator works under
minimum supervision and exercises a considerable amount of judgment, responsibility, and initiative in work procedures. The Coordinator reports directly to the academic leads for the BC Cluster, Drs. John Calvert (SFU) and Mieke Koehoorn (UBC). The focus of the role is coordination of the activities of the CRWDP office in BC. This includes financial and administrative reporting, meeting coordination, facilitation of interactions and events with community partners, and providing office support for researchers and trainees conducing projects in support of the CRWDP mandate. An engaged group of students, academics, and community partners collaborate with the Coordinator to continue moving the Centre’s mandate forward.
The preferred candidate will have expertise, experience or an interest in work disability policy and
research. Work experience related to project coordination in a relevant health discipline is considered an asset. A university degree in a relevant health discipline or program is required. Self-motivation, flexibility, and creativity are desired attributes, with an aim to continue to grow the BC Cluster into an even more effective research organization as part of the larger CRWDP.
CRWDP BC Cluster is committed to the principle of equity in employment.
CRWDP BC Cluster - Provincial Coordinator Responsibilities
1. Report and receive direct supervision from BC Cluster Co-Leads.
2. The following BC Cluster responsibilities are performed in conjunction with, or as directed and
approved by, the Co-Leads:
i. Monthly BC Cluster activity report and meeting minutes. This includes providing one
page summaries of provincial events, activities, research and financial expenditures.
ii. Submit monthly reports/minutes to the national CRWDP office.
iii. Update BC Cluster website (e.g., partner, student and co-investigator/collaborator
bios) and social media (e.g. Tweeting, using CRWPD template, about local studies
and issues).
iv. Coordinate semi-annual BC Cluster team meetings.
v. Support BC Cluster community and stakeholder activities (at least twice annually).
vi. Support meetings and connections between community/partners, coinvestigators/
collaborators and new researchers/students.
vii. Work with SFU financial administrators to manage the distribution of funds
associated with the BC Cluster's activities, including tracking expenditures and
keeping records
viii. Support knowledge translation initiatives, as needed
ix. Support the BC Cluster investigators with research grant applications
related to the CRWDP mandate
3. The following responsibilities are performed to support activities of the CRWDP national office:
i. Contribute content and suggestions for the National newsletter, website and
webinar series.
ii. Support national meetings/conferences/events in conjunction with the national
CRWDP office and the other provincial coordinators.
4. The following responsibilities are performed to support the CRWDP national office:
i. Collect data on partner in-kind contributions and submit to national office for Annual Report.
ii. Monitor terms and follow-up-dates for seed grants, stipend matching funds, and any
other sub-grants provided to the BC cluster by the CRWDP national office, including
dates for progress reports, final reports, etc.).
iii. Collect data on BC Cluster activities and outcomes: publications, presentations,
events, knowledge translation and exchange activities with cluster partners and/or
iv. Collect data on BC Cluster trainee activities and progress: degree program status,
career/training progression, scholarships/awards, publications/presentations.

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