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Call for papers from EDI Journal on The Benefits of Inclusion: Disability and Work in the 21st Century

Special issue call for papers from Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Journal

Proposal for Special Issue: The Benefits of Inclusion: Disability and Work in the 21st Century

  • Emile Tompa, Institute for Work & Health and McMaster University
  • Dan Samosh, University of Toronto and Institute for Work & Health
  • Alecia Santuzzi, Northern Illinois University

Call for Papers

In this special issue the focus is on innovative, international research that contributes to the conceptualization and application of inclusion and accessibility across several social domains, with a focus on the public policy and workplace systems levels. All contributions will be double-blind peer-reviewed before consideration for publication and submissions are welcome from a diversity of research perspectives that use different methods (e.g., conceptual, qualitative, and quantitative).

Although supporting evidence from any units of measurement will be considered (e.g., individual, dyad, team, organization, nation), the main contributions should focus on societal and/or organizational systems related to inclusion and accessibility. For instance, research on the impact of national legislation and policy on individual worker experiences fit this criterion. However, an emphasis should be placed on how those individual experiences inform evaluation of policy and legislation. Research measuring organizational processes or management systems (e.g., Karapetrovic & Willborn, 1998; Yazdani, Neumann, Imbeau, Bigelow, Pagell, & Wells, 2015) fit as well and may include data from several units of measurement to inform those systems.

Following are additional suggestions of topic areas of relevance:

  1. Conceptualizing inclusion and accessibility at the national or organizational levels;
  2. Measuring inclusion and accessibility at the national or organizational levels;
  3. Identifying mechanisms (practices or psychological processes) of inclusion and accessibility within or across different social domains (e.g., transportation, work, and healthcare, though not limited to these areas);
  4. Applying measurement frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of legislation or policy related to inclusion and accessibility;
  5. Analyzing how organizational systems (e.g., management systems) relate to inclusion and accessibility; and
  6. Evaluating policy and practice applications, including case studies.

Manuscript Submission

Details on manuscript submission found here. Manuscripts should be submitted online by April 30, 2020.