Pam Lahey

Student Activities Coordinator

Pam Lahey is a PhD candidate in the school of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University. Pam’s graduate education and professional work to date, as well as volunteer activities, have been focused on improving the Canadian labour market for persons living with disabilities, and in particular for persons with lived experience of mental health conditions. Her professional experience as a social policy analyst allowed her to provide input to the Ontario government on these issues, calling for a disability employment strategy that could address the unique needs of this specific worker population. Pam’s particular focus will be on system level change(s) that are needed to enable job seekers and employees in the Canadian workforce who live with mental health conditions to secure and sustain quality employment.

Her research at McMaster will address three broad areas: labour market structures and employment policies governing work for persons with mental health conditions, employment program design and delivery, and promising or emerging practices that work best to assist people with disabilities retain and maintain quality employment.  To this end she has authored and co-authored a number of papers examining these issues in more depth. Some of her work can be found at