Rodrigo Finkelstein

Student Fellow

Current Research

Rodrigo Finkelstein is a 4th PhD Candidate in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Rodrigo’s PhD research aims at understanding the interplay between WCBs’ economic organization and their production of safety information and knowledge. Following a political economy of communication framework, his research will examine how the production and exchange of safety information and knowledge within a business relationship impact workers’ safety and health – including workers’ short and long-term disability experience. This study involves the examination of international (Chile) and local (BC) archival data - labor health policies, safety standards, regulations and labor health records - and the analysis of secondary data - data gathered by prior research on the topic. Findings will provide insights to better understand how and to what extent the economic imperatives of safety information shape the production and consumption of safety and health resources – including disability ones.

Past Experience

Rodrigo has a broad experience in health and safety research acquired during his 10 years at the Chilean Safety Association - the largest WCB in Chile. He directed four exploratory studies in the forestry, retail and construction industries to identify major safety trends and support the Prevention Department in the development of strategies and new products. He also conducted three qualitative and two quantitative studies on children between the ages of 6 and 9 years to assist the design and development of the Community Safety Program. Later, as an independent consultant in the field, Rodrigo directed three in-depth organizational studies to help companies in the mining, manufacturing and service sectors in developing safety measures, in line with their own organizational culture.