Sanzana Hossain

PhD Student

Alongside working as a Disability Case Manager for the staff and faculty at York University, Sanzana is working towards obtaining her PhD in Rehabilitation Science from McMaster University. Dr. Rebecca Gerwurtz is her supervisor.

Sanzana spends her spare time helping adults with developmental disabilities, choreographing dances, watching movies and eating her way through Toronto.Through both her work and research in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences, Sanzana Hossain strives to bring a holistic view to her work. Drawing from her personal commitment to living a well-rounded lifestyle, she uses multiple perspectives while researching and approaches her research in workplace accommodation, work-related injury/illness and mental health at the workplace through empathy and efficiency. Her academic profile highlights this holistic approach; she’s obtained a BSc in Psychology (York University), a Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Services (York-Seneca) and an MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences (McMaster).