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The CRWDP initiative addresses a critically important topic and is very timely. People with disabilities face numerous barriers to acquiring and maintaining suitable and sustained employment. As a result, they live in poverty in disproportionately high numbers. We look forward to opportunities to engage with researchers and other Partners to address these critical issues for the community that we serve. Our work with the CRWDP will contribute to ARCH’s mandate by providing documentation of the extent to which people with disabilities have their disabilities appropriately accommodated, along with the challenges posed by, and the consequences of, not having appropriate accommodation in the workplace; the impact of employment equity legislation on participation of people with disabilities in the workforce; and, the indicators of effective employment support programs that effectively help people with disabilities obtain suitable and meaningful employment. This evidence will assist ARCH in advocating for the law and policy that will address and remove the many barriers to gainful employment that is faced by a very large number of persons with disabilities.

ARCH Disability Law Centre is a specialty legal clinic that practices exclusively in disability rights law.  ARCH is dedicated to defending and advancing the equality rights, entitlements, fundamental freedoms and inclusion of persons with disabilities with low income in Ontario.

ARCH provides a range of legal services, including Summary Advice and Referrals directly to persons with disabilities from across Ontario. This service is free and offers legal and non-legal referrals, legal information, and summary legal advice, on the following disability-related areas of law:

  • accessibility laws
  • attendant/PSW services
  • education law
  • transportation
  • discrimination/human rights
    • accommodation in the workplace
    • primary/secondary/post-secondary education
    • service animals
  • decision-making rights
    • supported decision-making
    • removing guardianship
    • public guardian and trustee

ARCH also serves the disability community through Legal Education, Law Reform, Test Case Litigation and by providing services and resources for legal professionals.

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