Independent Living Resource Centre Newfoundland and Labrador

About the ILRC

The Independent Living Resource Centre is a consumer-controlled organization committed to providing supports, resources, and opportunities for empowerment, which enable persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives. It promotes the idea of independent living and offers services and supports upon request.

Programs/Services Offered

The programs and services offered have been developed to reflect the diverse and evolving needs of consumers. Today, a broad range of highly successful services and resources are provided to assist persons with disabilities toward independent living and to help organizations in developing more inclusive environments.  These include advocacy, employer supports, career services, internships, peer support, research and development, adaptive technology, and volunteer services.


The ILRC's mandate is to help ensure individuals with all types of disabilities, and from all socio-economic backgrounds, have equal access to quality services and supports that empower and enable them to 1) live and work independently, and to their full potential, within their homes, families, and communities; and 2) make informed choices for themselves in all aspects of their daily lives.

ILRC core values include:

  • Individuals’ right to choice and self-determination;
  • Consumer control; and
  • Full inclusion for persons with disabilities.

These core values are reflected in all aspects of ILRC operations, from governance structure to the services and supports provided to consumers. This means that the ILRC strives to ensure that the services and supports offered are:

  • Defined and controlled by consumers;
  • Equally accessible to all individuals, regardless of their disability, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation and;
  • Responsive to changing community needs and opportunities.

Participation in this Partnership

The ILRC is very interested and active in directly supporting and encouraging greater labour market participation among persons with disabilities.  As such, the organization looks forward to working closely with investigators and other partners to consider work disability policy, income security, and work reintegration in Canada.  The ILRC will contribute considerable knowledge and expertise with respect to disability in support of this research.

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