Sudbury Community Legal Clinic

The Sudbury Community Legal Clinic is funded by Legal Aid Ontario and governed by an independent Board of Directors.  The Clinic serves those with low incomes in the District of Sudbury and provides advice and representation in Housing, Social Assistance, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and other income maintenance areas, as well as Human Rights.  Advice but not representation is provided with respect to Workplace Safety and Insurance matters.

The clinic is actively involved in public legal education, law reform and community development.

The Clinic has an interest in Work Disability Policy as many of our clients have work related disabilities that have led them into reliance on social assistance and have forced them to live in poverty.  Other clients are unable to fully participate in the work force due to disabilities whether work related or not.  In serving our clients we see how current diverse policies from different levels of government create a confusing maze for those needing to rely on them for the basic necessities of life and that such policies often do little to integrate the disabled into the work place, but instead end up creating barriers to doing so.

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