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Ali is 25 years old and lives in Newfoundland. She had had gaps in employment because, with her multiple disabilities, it can be hard to get a job. 

Keywords: Newfoundland, multiple disability, under employment

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Brian is a retired military policeman and lives in Ontario. He developed Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while working. This affected him on the job and after his retirement in 2003. Things got better when he received support and benefits from Veteran’s Affairs.

Keywords: Veteran’s Affairs, federal, PTSD

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Eugene was injured while working in the bush in northern Ontario. He has since had 14 surgeries on his knee. Eugene had initial income and rehabilitation support from worker’s compensation. The support then ended and later was restored following his appeal. However, Eugene is now on social assistance benefits and unable to work.

Keywords: social assistance, worker’s compensation, Ontario, traumatic knee injury

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Robert was a firefighter in Northern Ontario for 27 years. He fell from a cliff while working and injured his shoulder and arm. After rehabilitation, he returned to light duties at work but was then re-injured and could no longer work. This time, workers' compensation did not provide rehabilitation support and benefits. Robert relied on family for financial support and then secured a low income on social assistance.

Keywords: social assistance, workers’ compensation, Ontario, traumatic injury

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Mallory is 20 years old and works part-time as an administrative assistant. She lives in Yukon and has an intellectual disability. Mallory can not work full time at her job because it pays more than minimum wage. Earning more than minimum wage would threaten the social benefits that she relies on for income security.

Keywords: social assistance, Yukon, intellectual disability

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Lynn is a 45 year old woman in Newfoundland. She has a developmental disability and has received skills training. She had an office administrator job that lasted until the employer subsidy ended. Now she works part time at a grocery store. 

Keywords: Newfoundland, developmental disability, subsidised employment, under employment

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Mario is a homeless man in Quebec. He lives on the street with his dogs and gets by with social assistance benefits. He took up a chance to take free university courses at UQAM, but this led to a severe reduction in his social assistance benefits, which penalised him for studying. 

Keywords: Quebec, homeless, social assistance

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