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The Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP) is a transdisciplinary initiative on the future of work disability policy in Canada

CRWDP Webinar Series

UPCOMING! November 30, 2020 - Rodrigo Finkelstein (Simon Fraser University) & Mieke Koehoorn (UBC).

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Webinar Series: Work Disability Management System Standard (CSA Z1011:20)

Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP), Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness, and Performance (CISWP), and Canadian Standards Associations (CSA Group) have partnered together to present this webinar series.

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1. Work disability programs in Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick: Mapping eligibility criteria and identifying barriers for the employment of selected disability populations. Research Team. Nominated Principal Investigator: Stephen Bornstein​; Co-Principal Investigator: Kathy Hawkins; Co-Investigators: Barbara Neis, Rose Ricciardelli, Emily Christy, Susan Tobin; Researcher: Aleksandra Stefanovic-Chafe

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