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The Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP) is a transdisciplinary initiative on the future of work disability policy in Canada


An overview of how we are organized

New studies

1. Feasibility Study and Needs Assessment for a Canadian Searchable Online Resource for Workplace Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities. Authors: Emile Tompa, Alexis Buettgen, Kathy Padkapayeva, Amin Yazdani, Joëlle Dufour, Quenby Mahood

2. Dismantling the Welfare Wall for Persons with Disabilities. Author: Sherri Torjman

3. Seed Grant Project Report: The Human Rights of Injured Workers: Social Protection Floors and the Canadian Work Disability System. Author: Jeffrey Hilgert

4. L’utilisation des TIC pour soutenir l’accès à l’emploi des adolescents handicapés ou en difficultés d’apprentissage ou d’adaptation (HDAA) [The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support access to employment for adolescents with special needs]. Authors: Marie Laberge, Curtis Breslin, Gabriel Charland

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Disability and Work in Canada national conference, 2018

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Disability and Work in Canada national conference, 2017

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National Policy Round Table-2018

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National Symposium

National Symposium


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