In Memoriam

CRWDP lost two internationally renowned researchers in the same week in September 2021.

Marcia Rioux and Katherine Lippel

Marcia Rioux

Marcia RiouxMarcia Rioux passed away in her Toronto home on September 20, 2021. She was dedicated to the advancement of human rights and equality, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Rioux has lectured throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has been an advisor to federal and provincial commissions, parliamentary committees, and international NGO's as well as United Nations agencies. She has edited a number of collected volumes and nearly 70 book chapters and articles on disability rights. Marcia was a distinguished professor and director at York University’s Institute for Health Research, the co-founder and first chair of the School of Health Policy & Management as well as the Critical Disabilities Studies program. She was CRWDP Co-Investigator and the co-lead of CRWDP Ontario Cluster, organizing multiple provincial events and moving forward the Ontario Cluster Policy Pods.

“There are significant numbers of people who are under and unemployed in Canada or who have precarious relationships to the labour force. It is my expectation that we will be able to create conditions under which people with disabilities, first nations and aboriginal people, racialized people and women can participate in the labour force.“ – Marcia Rioux