Time Period:


Jurisdictional Focus:


Key Players

  • Marcia Rioux (Executive Director; Project Director, Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform)
  • Cam Crawford (President; Advisor, Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform)
  • Leon Muszynski (Principal Researcher, Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform)
  • Michael Bach (Advisor, Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform)

Relevant Report(s) Produced:

Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform (1992)

Initiative Summary:

Over the course of almost two decades, the Roeher Institute conducted extensive research into public policy issues affecting people with intellectual and other disabilities. The organization produced numerous analytical publications, and well as education and training sessions to provide insight into the social policies, laws and programs that act as barriers to the full participation of people with disabilities in their community.

In their 1992 report, Comprehensive Disability Income Security Reform, researchers identify the issues resulting from poor integration among Canada’s disability income programs, including the complexity of application processes and the inequity of benefits. It calls for major reform of Canada’s disability income support system, and outlines core principles to guide reform.